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About The Writer 

Welcome to The Little Boy, Big Dreams store. For the longest time people urged me to open up a store to showcase our signature Little Boy, Big Dreams logo apparel, B.I.T.U.B. apparel, as well as the many wonderful designs and products that come from the creations of our artist Christy Black from Creations from the Heart as she brings to life the words of Believe in the Unbelievable. I was born and raised in Taylor, Tx. I have lived in 6 states, have been blessed to work with, speak to, serve and experience amazing people, and have been extremely appreciative and blessed to have a supportive family including my amazing wife and two children. I started Believe in the Unbelievable in 2007 when we lived in Shreveport, LA and it has carried over to each place we have lived. As I have settled back in Texas I continue to share and have been so inspired by the many people who continue to support, offer advice, kind words and simply share their stories about what Believe in the Unbelievable (B.I.T.U.B.) means to them. As I share my personal experiences about life, leadership and most of all my faith through my blogs and through speaking engagements I've found that I am learning more about life and all it has to offer. When you speak of life I can tell you that it has come at me at a mind-numbing pace at times, but I wouldn't change those experiences for anything. I believe that even in our darkest moments there are blessings, and it is the darkest moments that allow us to see the smallest of light that we may have overlooked before. Life isn't easy. Sometimes the journey can seem long when the mountains we must climb get higher and higher, but finding the beauty in the ability to take the long way around is what often brings us to a realization of how much life is a gift. All of it, good and bad, helps us be who we are and find the path to who we want to be. Thing is we don't climb mountains because we have to, we climb them because we can. When you sit back and take it all in you start to see the countless opportunities God gives us to learn, teach, and share. He provides us those moments where our challenges strengthen our foundation of faith and that adversity we face helps us grow strong enough to climb whatever mountain is in our path.  

I hope you find something that inspires you here and accept my gratitude for your support. 

Believe in the Unbelievable that is YOU.

David "DC" Carrizales
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About the Artist

Christie Black is a self-taught artist and native Texan who started out designing cards for family and friends. That passion turned into her own greeting card company called Creations from the Heart in 2005. Her designs are now sold world-wide through Zazzle and Greeting Card Universe where she has received numerous accolades.  She began illustrating for Little Boy, Big Dreams in 2012 and Trinity Stamps in 2018. Christie’s whimsical and rustic designs can also be found in three-dimensional form, in her hand-painted woodworks.

Words from DC about Christie

Over the past few years I have been honored to speak, write and share the passion about why I Believe in the Unbelievable. Growing up, born and raised in Taylor, Texas, I always found myself inspired by my parents, family and those closest to me urging and supporting me to pursue my dreams no matter how big they seemed. Starting up Little Boy, Big Dreams and Believe in the Unbelievable was always something in the works even before I knew it was. It has been such a blessing. Blessings filled with people that have shared the journey with me and continue to allow me to pursue those dreams. A few years after introducing Believe in the Unbelievable and Little Boy, Big Dreams yet another blessing came my way. Introduced to the artistry of Christie Black, I was taken back by her passion for her craft, not to mention her amazing talent. I am privileged to partner with her as she uses those talents to bring that "little boy" and my words to life in her whimsical and beautiful illustrations. A true talent, she is proof that your dreams are closer than you think if you are willing to pursue them. 

Click here for her website

Christie Black
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